Accepting Uncertainty

It’s often said that human beings are wired to need certainty more than anything else. When in fact, the reality of life is actually that much of what we believe ourselves to be certain about is actually uncertain. And because we want certainty, when thing happen counter to our belief, it may cause immense psychological suffering and we may begin to feel out of control.

I think it can be beneficial for us to consider what it is we feel or believe we know is certain and ask ourselves if those things are unchanging, or subject to change, as most if not all of life is truly always in transition. If we are certain about our relationships and who we know people are, we may become unnerved when our friends change in ways that were unexpected. If we are certain about our future in terms of where we live and what we will do “for a living” we may limit ourselves and reject opportunities that would lead to happiness we didn’t know possible, if those opportunities do not appear to align with the future we’d already mapped out in our mind.

Civilization may have contributed to our perception that things in life are concrete, unmoving. Yet although we may create skyscrapers which will last a century, they too, will one day fall. Even as they stand, they are in constant need of repair and upkeep. Though they may appear unchanging on the outside, yet on the inside their parts are always in flux and in need of being changed.

What are you certain about? Does change scare you?

My intention is not to give the impression that goals are bad or that we shouldn’t aspire towards achieving what we believe we want to do in life. Rather, my hope is to live a life that is both fully present, living now with the awareness that I want to achieve larger goals of increasing peace and goodness in the world; yet the details of what that looks like are things which must be discover in each step we take each day.

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