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Why is our world the way that it is? Why is it that in a world so plentiful of resources, so many human beings go without life's necessities? Why do we believe what we believe? How do our beliefs create the way our world is today? Why are we here?

Those are just some of the questions which philosophy seeks to explore and discover insightful glimpses into who we are. Philosophy is both a quest for deeper wisdom into life and existence, and a foundation which can inform and enlighten our explorations into other fields of study such as science, psychology, sociology, language, and so much more.

The word philosophy literally translates to the love of wisdom. Wisdom is something far deeper than simply knowing facts or truths about specific things. In a way, wisdom is something akin to recognizing the beauty of a musical masterpiece or brilliant work of art. It can be difficult to describe why something is beautiful, yet we all know it when we experience what it has to give. Similarly, wisdom is something we recognize, as when we understand a profound quote or advice from a sage. Wisdom is something which is born of an eternal, universal truth. When we live with greater wisdom in our daily lives, we will be empowered to live with deeper peace, happiness, freedom, contentment, generosity, kindness and compassion for the gift it is to be alive.