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It is always the right time to do right.

“We must use time creatively, in the knowledge that the time is always ripe to do right.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

This quote from MLK Jr. firstly makes me consider about the way in which I spend the time I have been gifted to spend while alive on Planet Earth. Am I using time as creatively, or destructively? Am I using time productively, or lazily? It can be easy to let time slip away. To become engrossed in the latest trending hashtag or topic. One of my goals and hopes for this year, is to truly focus on creating rather than consuming.

The second part of this quote speaks to the need that is always urgent and present to do right. What is “right” harkens back to one of the greatest questions which philosophers have debated throughout the ages. Yet it seems we intrinsically know what is right and what is wrong in many instances. We can sense with fear, anger or hatred are motivating are actions; rather than love, peace, generosity and acceptance of others for who they are.

No matter how great differences might appear between us as human beings, we are all connected by a shared humanity, and capable of learning and growing in greater harmony with each other.

About Author

Dylan B. Raines

Philosophy student, working to support The Global Goals and United Nations.

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