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What would Martin Luther King Jr say about how we celebrate him today?

I wonder what Martin Luther King Jr. would think if he saw the way the world celebrates his life, his legacy, today?

Would he feel humbled by all of the quotes he would see people sharing? Would he feel like his message and mission were being accurately represented and carried onward?

Would he think we have actually missed the point of what he was trying to bring about in the world for justice, equality, and the alleviation of poverty?

Would he feel saddened that in some of the ways which we have idolized the man to sort our own agenda and bias, while perpetuating the opposite of what he chose to stand and walk for?

I often think about the legacy I want to have once my personal time on this Earth has expired. I wonder about the perceptions others might have of me that actually aren’t anywhere near who I see myself as being, and the objectives I should seek to help humanity grow closer towards with my life.

I wonder if people will say of me, after I am gone, things which I actually never truly felt or desired. I wonder about ways my message and words may be twisted through the interpretations of others.

Because what I want, is what I think is at the heart of what we al want: To be truly, and genuinely known.

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

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Dylan B. Raines

Philosophy student, working to support The Global Goals and United Nations.

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I truly do ponder on the same thing. Well said.

    Dylan B. Raines

    Dylan B. Raines

    What do you think he would say?

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